The qtp Mission

We provide professional performing artists with the opportunity to apply their craft for the expansive and diverse population of Queens.

With its status as the most diverse borough in NYC, Queens itself is a microcosm of humanity. This diversity defines the borough, and it also highlights our shared human experience.

The Queens' community, when coupled with the expanding number of performing artists who call Queens their home, creates a unique and compelling opportunity to ask, answer and express the simplest and hardest of questions: What does it mean to be human? Our answers and expressions will be grounded in our core values of integrity, diversity, community and quality.



Returning August 12th / 4pm & 8pm!

Leave your troubles outside the door of The  LetLove Inn and be transported to the divine decadence of a Weimar-era German cabaret.  

SleepyHollow (1).jpg

Coming Fall 2018

TheQTP’s first original work will be a unique and interactive take on America’s first and most famous ghost story.                                                   

The QTP Wants your support

As a small non-profit based in Astoria, Queens, we feel that now is the time to bring more high quality theatrical programming to our borough, but we need your support to keep our mission alive. The best way you can support our goals is to become a member today. When you do, you will know that every dollar we receive will be focused on producing and providing great theatre for the year to come, and to make sure that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from our shows never goes away.

If you are unable to become a member, you can still help us make our magic happen by making a tax deductible donation. You don't have to be a Rockefeller to feel like one and this is a great way to show your support for the causes you believe in.

If you know that you just can't sit on your hands any longer and want to volunteer, then come on over! We are a dedicated group of creatives who have been looking for someone just like you. Reach out and bring your passion to a company of people who are dedicated to making Queens the place to be and the world just a little better.